Gradient yarn australia

Love inspires Everything. Email Anytime at crazyheartstrings gmail. Wolltraum Loves what They do! So soft and breathable, suitable for creating nearly anything you desire. Hand wrapped with Delight!

gradient yarn australia

Multiple fine strands laying together. Gradients are created by tying each color strand to the next desired color with tiny knots easily worked and quite invisible in any finished project. The results are Amazing! Colors are brilliant and vivid or soft and muted, it is so hard to choose just one. All Garments constructed by Crazy Heart Strings All Prices are for One Cake only.

Two are pictured to display the 2 "wind" choices. These Yarns are made for You when You place an Order. You may specify in the "Comments" box at Checkout your desired "wind" preference for each Cake. Close search. Home Wolltraum expand. Wolltraum Yarn is Here!!!

You choose your wind: Light or Dark Center. Total Delivery time from placing a Wolltraum order is approximately business days, extended times are in effect at the Holidays and for International packages. Shipping times vary according to destination and time of year i. Once shipping has been confirmed and tracking is active We cannot be held responsible for postal delays, misdirections or lost packages.

Email anytime at: crazyheartstrings gmail. Crazy Heart Strings Products. Wolltraum "My Melodyy". Scheepjes "Whirl". Doilee Dot! Wolltraum Loves what they do! View all. Why Wolltraum?

What Dream will you create with Wolltraum? Pause slideshow Play slideshow.A prevalent trend these days is to use gradient yarn in Australia. There are a variety of options to choose from, for example, a Scheepjes special edition Whirl ombre where each colourway is a single colour which softly and gradually changes from its lightest to its darkest hue.

If you prefer a bit of glitz and glam, you may want to op for the Frosted Whirl, which has various colourways and ombre effects with a subtle touch of glitter. It is almost impossible to resist beautiful gradient and ombre yarns which flow into each other and are just perfect for creating a visually tantalising effect for your crochet or knitting projects. Gradient yarns are so much fun to work with, that complicated stitches are not required to create an interesting, eye-catching article which everyone will love.

When you are a knitter, your mind is always formulating pictures of how articles will look in a particular yarn. Gradient yarn adds so much depth and variety, making the possibilities endless.

Gradient yarns are versatile and can be used on their own or combined with a solid colour in stripes or perhaps a fair isle pattern, and for some real pizazz, combine it with a different gradient yarn.

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Dyepot Weekly #76 - Cake Dyeing a Wool/Acrylic Blend for a Gradient Yarn

Use this popup to embed a mailing list sign up form. Offer incentives to customers to join and build your mailing list. Your Cart Continue Shopping. Creative Ways to Use Gradient Yarn It is almost impossible to resist beautiful gradient and ombre yarns which flow into each other and are just perfect for creating a visually tantalising effect for your crochet or knitting projects.

Gradient triangle shawls : Remember that the first half of the gradient will look larger and form the background against which the other gradient stirpes will present more dramatic. Knit-on edging : Bear in mind that the colour around the item will vary as the gradient changes colour and the colour change will appear horizontal, where in a shawl the colour change may appear vertical. Some people love, and others hate this directional contrast.

Stripy socks : Making stripes in socks can be a little daunting, using a long-striping gradient which has about four to seven colour changes over the entire sock will show off most patterns just fine.

A repetitive stitch pattern always responds well to gradient yarns. What You Should Know About Gradient Yarns Online When you are a knitter, your mind is always formulating pictures of how articles will look in a particular yarn.They are a big hit, maybe even considered the next trend in the makers community: gradient yarn cakes with beautiful, subtle color changes. Many brands jumped on the bandwagon and started selling their own unique gradient color combinations.

It has been a big success in Europe for the last few years and finally also American brands started adding gradient yarn cakes to their collection. This means you only need 1 cake to complete a whole project like a shawl.

As there are so many different brands and sorts of yarn cakes available, I decided to sum up which types of gradient yarn cake s are available, the different collections brands offer and an indication of the prices. Gradient plied yarn cakes use multiple fine strands laying together.

Gradients are created by tying strands of different colors together with tiny knots. The knots are invisible in finished objects. Recently Lionbrand and Red Heart started selling gradient plied yarn cakes.

Introducing your new favorite Shweater!

Wolltraum is a German brand that has more color options than any other brand. You can even let them make your own color way. Just send a message to MelodyyByWolltraum and let her know which colors you want for your custom order.

She is located in the USA which saves you a lot of shipping costs! As not everyone likes to work with the plied gradient yarn cakes, I thought it would be useful to show you another option: gradient yarn cakes that are not plied!

Some people dye their own yarn. She offers such unique color combinations and also has luxurious options with silk which have a beautiful drape. Looking at her shop and the beautiful color ways of her yarns makes me happy every time! Most of my latest patterns are made with this kind of yarn.

All patterns are free! I'm Wilma, a 25 year old crochet designer from Holland. I share all my free crochet patterns here on my blog. I would love to become friends on social media!

Many thanks for this information. I have been hunting around for this info and the names of mfrs of gradient yarns. Thank you for such an informative article. Thanks to you, I have a new project! Thanks again. I realize that you wrote this post quite some time ago; you may not even be reading the comments anymorebut this is incredibly helpful! Thank you so much for this post!Sternchen der Karibik - 4 ply gradient yarn. Sternchen der Farben - 4 ply gradient yarn.

Gradient yarn cakes: where can I buy them?

Sternchen der Stille - 4 ply gradient yarn. Zuckermelone - 4 ply gradient yarn. Amaryllis ZauberEi. Fliederduft - 4 ply gradient yarn. Nirwana - 4 ply gradient yarn. NEW - Merino Bobbel. From now on there are beautiful gradient yarns with merino wool in our shop. Process Bobbel from the inside.

gradient yarn australia

You want to process your bobbel from the inside out and your bobbel will fall together, then check out our tips and Mottled Bobbel with glitter. From now on beautiful mottled bobbles with glitter are available in our shop. Change of monochrome egg balls. Due to some customer requests, the balls are changed from g to 50g. Please note this change when you order. Sternchen der Sonne - 4 ply gradient yarn. Stille Nacht - 4 ply gradient yarn.

Lace Yarn - Malibu. There are no products selected for comparison. Our new products Add to compare. Add to Wishlist. In Stock.

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Add to compare. Sternchen der Karibik - 4 ply gradient yarn is a new product in our shop. Sternchen der Farben - 4 ply gradient yarn is a new product in our shop. Sternchen der Stille - 4 ply gradient yarn is a new product in our shop. Our specials Add to compare. Limited special offer. Zuckermelone - 4 ply gradient yarn Our offer of the week. Zuckermelone musk melon - 4 ply gradient yarn, 4 colors: cream, Apricot, melon, salmon.

Love the yarn and love the colors! Would definitely buy from this shop again. Thank you! Was this comment useful to you? Yes No. Great seller Will buy from them again. The cake colours are really nice. Write your review!Knitting All Yarn View. Poppy Crafts Yarn View. Yarn by brand View. Knitting Yarn Everyday Solid View. Tunisian Crochet Hookinterchangable Head View.

Crochet Hooks View. Knitting Yarn Serenity Sock View. Knitting Yarn Serenity Garden View. Knitting Yarn Serenity Chunky View. Interchangable Needles View. Knitting Yarn Baby Solids View. Knitting Yarn Hippster View. Knitting Yarn Silk View.

Knitting Yarn Wool Naturals View. Knitting Yarn Socks Solid View. Knitting Yarn Silk Multi View. Knitting Yarn Everyday Print View. Knitting Yarn Alpaca Dance View. Knitting Yarn Fleece Mosaic View. Knitting Yarn Go Team View. Single Cord Needles View. Feltworks wool and accessories View. Super Saver Yarn View.

Soft Yarn View. Unforgettable Yarn View.

gradient yarn australia

Gumdrop Yarn View. Heartland Yarn View. Fun Fur Yarn View.

Gradient Yarn Australia

Jeans Yarn View. Landscapes Yarn View. Couture Yarn View. Sweet Rolls Yarn View.Fingering, Sock, Sport. At hobbii. We take pride in finding new exciting products for you and your projects or knitting recipes. Surely, we have the kind of yarn you need, whether it's the lighter yarns for your spring and summer projects, or the slightly heavier wool yarn for hot sweaters for the fall and winter season. Our yarn range is carefully selected, so you are sure to have yarns of the best quality and at great prices, for any knitting or crochet project.

If you click on the individual yarn types, we have attached suggestions for recipes that exactly match the type of yarn that is about. Here you can buy your knitting yarns easily, fast and cheap, plus find the yarn you need for your knitting pattern, whether it's the thick wool yarn or the soft alpaca or merino wool you're after - or maybe it's the silk soft baby yarn? The range is large and there are also organic yarns and natural yarns in the assortment. At Hobbii we have a wide selection of high quality yarn.

We have everything from the softest alpaca and merino wool to the more traditional cotton yarn, as well as durable sock yarn and ribbon yarn. What yarn you should choose depends on the project you are planning to make.

gradient yarn australia

Below you can see an overview of the benefits of our most popular yarn types and what projects they are especially good for.

Cotton is a soft fibre, which grows around seeds of the cotton plants. It is a very popular material to work with, because it can be used in almost all knitting and crochet projects. When compared to other yarn types, cotton is not as strong as silk and linen, but more durable than wool. Mercerized Cotton is cotton that has undergone a process of mercerization to improve the yarn.

The process makes the yarn a little more shine, but it also makes the yarn stronger and softer. Furthermore, the process of mercerization improved the yarns ability to absorb dye.

Clothing made of mercerized cotton yarn maintains their natural shape for longer and does not shrink, as much as normal clothing made of cotton. Cotton Yarn has many valuable properties.

Cotton yarn is great for knitting and crocheting ponchos, shawls and blouses, because cotton is good at keeping warmth. If you are looking for a different style, you can choose one of the many yarn blends made with cotton, and get a result that looks different and is very durable.

There are many cotton yarn blends to choose from, as cotton can be mixed with everything from silk to wool. You can, for example, easily make a homemade and organic dishcloth or potholder using organic cotton yarn. Take a look at our many knitting and crochet patterns using cotton yarn. A common benefit of all these wool types is their amazing ability to keep you warm.

Yarn made of wool can look very different depending on the breed of sheep, but alle wool can be used for both knitting and crochet, so there are endless possibilities. There are many benefits of using wool in your knitting or crochet projects.This delicious gradient yarn from Scheepjes comes in 54 scrumptious colour ways. Unlike other gradient yarns, Whirl has a generous twist to enable speed while working the yarn and to help prevent splitting. This Extra Large yarn cake holds an enormous meters of softly colour changing yarn, more than enough for a large shawl or wrap.

Each colour change is carefully tied in an optimum way to ensure the knot can be discreetly hidden within your stitches.

Each cake in the Aurora collection starts with the deep grey of a winter sky which gently turns into an Aurora colour. These yarn cakes work independently as all our Whirl cakes do, but are fabulous to use in combination with each other as the colours have been carefully chosen to work together to produce a magical colour palette for larger projects.

Each colour-way is a single colour gradually and softly changing from its deepest to its lightest shade. Scheepjes Whirl matches perfectly with Scheepjes Whirlette.

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