Imac redesign

Apple's virtual Worldwide Developer Conference starts June 22less than two weeks away, so it's no surprise that the rumor mill has begun churning away in anticipation of what new technologies and products the company may reveal during the event.

The consensus, such as it is, seems to be the end of for both the iMac and the iMac Pro. It wouldn't make much sense to rev the system but leave the last-gen graphics inside, at least for the higher-end models. It's thought that new Macs will incorporate the new chips starting next yearbut I doubt that the company would hold back new models that long. For one thing, the whole advantage of the hybrid Axx Bionic CPUs on which the first rumored processors are based -- aside from Apple owning the supply chain and closing the loop on its closed system architecture -- is in power savings and cellular connectivity.

When or if Apple develops and fabricates more desktop-optimized processors, then maybe. But that's likely a long way off; switching from a third party Intel to a new, custom microarchitecture is no small feat. It's possible, however, that we'll see the beginnings of the operating system code and software programming interfaces necessary to support a revamped processor in the version of Mac OS revealed at WWDC, which may provide some hints as to the direction Apple will be taking its desktops and higher-end MacBook Pros.

Even that small update would make it a much better buy. The footprint of the current Plus, narrower bezels would go a long way to making it look less tired. That's one of the big annoyances of the iMac design, though a common failing of most all-in-ones.

Furthermore, if Apple adopts the "cheese grater" heat sink design of the XDR's back panel, that might go a long way towards it being able to use high-powered components without having to update the fan layout with that of the iMac Pro. We haven't heard anything about a new size screen for the inch, but that's OK, as 27 inches is a nice size already. But if Apple can shrink the overall footprint of the system by reducing the bezels, that would be great.

A report had indicated that a iMac Pro update would incorporate a mini LED version of its inch display, but that's not expected until at least the end of this year. So far, all we've heard is that a new iMac may come in solid-state-only configurations -- no more Fusion or spinning hard drives -- with Apple's T2 security chip, in addition to the Navi graphics.

Once again, this is common sense: The drive encryption technology used by the T2 requires SSD, and premium systems like the iMac should probably have jettisoned the older storage a while ago.

An upgraded audio system and maybe a inch model would be great perks; the HP Envy 32 has both, and they noticeably improve the experience. Several big US school districts are extending remote classes into the fall.

New iMac rumored to get XDR redesign, ARM CPU and ship in 2020

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Pro Display XDR-inspired iMac redesign for WWDC teased by noted Apple leaker

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Apple working on radical iMac redesign using single sheet of glass

Galaxy S8 vs. Moto G Power: Is a used phone better than a new budget model? Can a 3-year-old flagship phone outperform a brand-new budget handset? We put two through their paces. Sleep tracking, hand-washing, watch faces Huawei's P40 Pro Plus has an incredible camera. First take: iOS 14 and all its new features.It has been the primary part of Apple's consumer desktop offerings since its debut in Augustand has evolved through seven distinct forms.

In its original form, the iMac G3 had a gumdrop or egg-shaped look, with a CRT monitor, mainly enclosed by a colored, translucent plastic case, which was refreshed early on with a sleeker design notable for its slot-loaded optical drive. The second major revision, the iMac G4moved the design to a hemispherical base containing all the main components and an LCD monitor on a freely moving arm attached to it. The third and fourth major revisions, the iMac G5 and the Intel iMac respectively, placed all the components immediately behind the display, creating a slim unified design that tilts only up and down on a simple metal base.

The fifth major revision mid shared the same form as the previous model, but was thinner and used anodized aluminum and a glass panel over the entire front. The sixth major revision late uses a different display unit, omits the SuperDriveand uses different production techniques from the older unibody versions. This allows it to be thinner at the edge than older models, with an edge thickness of 5.

It also includes a dual microphone setup, and includes solid-state drive SSD or hard disk storage, or an Apple Fusion Drivea hybrid of solid state and hard disk drives.

imac redesign

This version of the iMac was announced in Octoberwith the The new model also includes a new processor, graphics chip, and IO, along with several new storage options.

Apple began shipping the iMac Pro in December The announcement of iMac in was a source of controversy and anticipation among commentators, Mac fans, and detractors.

Opinions were divided over Apple's drastic changes to the Macintosh hardware. At the time, Apple had suffered a series of setbacks as consumers increasingly opted for Wintel Windows PCs machines instead of Apple's Performa models.

Many in the industry thought that "beleaguered" Apple would soon be forced to start selling computers with a custom interface built on top of one or more potential operating system bases, such as TaligentSolarisor Windows The designer behind iMac's case was Jonathan Ive. Ken Segall was an employee at an L. After Jobs' death, Segall claimed Jobs preferred "MacMan" for the name of the computer, but after Segall pitched "iMac" to him twice, the name was accepted.

Attention was given to the out-of-box experience : the user needed to go through only two steps to set up and connect to the Internet. Johann and Brodie finished in 8 minutes and 15 seconds, [12] whereas Adam was still working on it by the end of the commercial. Byit had become more and more apparent that IBM's development for the desktop implementation of PowerPC was grinding to a halt. Apple announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference that it would be switching the Macintosh to the x86 architecture and Intel's line of Core processors.

Within nine months, Apple had smoothly transitioned the entire Macintosh line to Intel. One of the highly touted side benefits of this switch was the ability to run Windows on Mac hardware.The vision behind iMac has never wavered: Transform the desktop experience by fitting powerful, easy-to-use technology into an elegant, all-in-one design.

The iMac will get a design refresh at WWDC, leaker claims

The new iMac takes that idea to the next level — giving you even more amazing tools to do just about anything. All coming to life on the brightest, most vibrant Retina display ever on a Mac. Available in stunning 4K or 5K, the Retina display shines beautifully on iMac.

With one billion colors and nits of brightness, graphics leap off the screen. Text is razor-sharp. Binge-worthy shows and blockbuster movies have never looked more amazing. Graphics and games dazzle in exquisite detail. The world is full of spectacular colors, and iMac brings more of them to your screen.

imac redesign

All at maximum velocity. With ultrapowerful quad-core and all-new 6- and 8-core processors, iMac is a total tour de force. And the This doubles the memory bandwidth to the GPU, resulting in sizzling performance. And it allows iMac to tackle graphics-intensive tasks like 3D rendering or complex video effects in a whole new way faster way. Storage is about space. The apps and files you use the most are automatically stored on fast flash storage, while everything else moves to a high-capacity hard drive.

It comes standard on all inch models, and on the Your iMac works seamlessly with your iPhone. Read texts on iPhone.

Use AirDrop to share files. Answer calls on iPhone. Snap a photo on iPhone.

My 2020 iMac Wishlist

Powerful creativity and productivity tools live inside every Mac — apps that help you explore, connect, and work more efficiently. Explore the Mac App Store. And thanks to its superslim profile, it fits in anywhere yet stands out everywhere. Compare all Mac models. Freaking powerful. Retina Display Show-stopping. Amazingly true-to-life color. Up to a whopping 8 cores.Chance Miller. As first reported by Macerkopfall three standard variations of the inch iMac are significantly back-ordered.

There is still scattered availability at Apple Stores, which means you might be able to place a inch iMac order for same-day pickup or delivery in certain areas.

The The inch iMac is also significantly back-ordered at Amazon as well. This redesign will mark the first change to the iMac in and the first front-facing change in a decade. These are designed to compete head-to-head with ARM processors in portable devices. The hybrid core setup works by combining a more powerful Core-class Sunny Cove core the same 10nm architecture the 10th Gen Ice Lake chips are based on with four low-power Atom-class Tremont cores for a total of five cores and five threads on a single die.

That arrangement allows for a balance of power, efficiency, and battery life that a purely Core or purely Atom setup could achieve. The new Intel Lakefield chips are meant to compete directly with ARM and Qualcomm processors used in laptops, tablets, and foldables.

Apple is expected to slowly transition the Mac lineup to its own custom ARM processors, starting with an ultraportable device such as the revival of the inch MacBook. The redesigned iMac is expected to stick with Intel processors. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:. Originally released inthe iMac is Apple's all-in-one desktop computer. The current version model offers June Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news, and follow 9to5Mac on TwitterFacebookand LinkedIn to stay in the loop.

Check out our exclusive storiesreviewshow-tosand subscribe to our YouTube channel. Tips, questions, typos to chance 9to5mac.A redesigned iMac, a more affordable HomePod, and a powerful new Apple TV are just some of the products Apple has planned foraccording to one reliable reporter.

Gurman is the latest to provide his predictions. The 5. They will miss out on some high-end features. Gurman expects these to be exclusive to the pricier 6. All four iPhone 12 options are to sport new designs, inspired by iPad Pro, with sharper edges and flat screens. They will also carry smaller notchesand speakers integrated into their bezels, Gurman said. What about display-embedded Touch ID? Gurman said no. Apple is also expected to redesign the iMac this year.

Gurman said rumors surrounding a new inch iMac option are likely accurate. It is expected to mirror the improvements Apple first introduced in late with the inch MacBook Pro.

Those include a Magic Keyboard with scissor-switch keys, slimmer bezels that allow a larger screen to be squeezed into a compact design, and improved speakers and microphones. Those who are planning to buy that inch MacBook Pro instead might want to wait.

Gurman predicted Apple will refresh its more powerful notebook in October or November of this year. Apple Watch Series 6 with sleep tracking, AirTagsand new Apple headphones with a modular designwhich is expected to accommodate different uses, are also scheduled for later this year. Live taking your questions on Apple, the Magic Keyboard or just about anything else! Other things Apple is working on for beyond include an augmented reality headset, and it continues to be focused on self-driving vehicle technology, Gurman said.

Gurman dismissed suggestions from Prosser that Apple is building an Xcode app for iPad. News Top stories It's been almost eight years since the last iMac redesign.

Leave a comment.With a ton of Apple products rumored or confirmed to be getting updates infrom the iPad Pro to an overhauled MacBook Pro 14attention has now turned to the iMac. Will it merely be tweaked or get a complete makeover? What kind of performance can we expect?

And how much will it cost? We have peered into the mists and analyzed the rumors to get answers to these questions and more. Details on when we should expect to see a new iMac are very thin. However, there are two main schools of thought: That a release is imminent, or that a release could happen late in or early in Reliable industry analyst Jon Prosser is firmly a part of the first school of thought.

Backing up this contention is a tweet from noted leaker Sonny Dickson. Finally, Dickson believes the new iMac will drop the Fusion Drive option. This could mean every iMac comes with an SSD by default, although he made no mention of the regular spinning hard drive option, which might remain. It was last updated in March ; over the last few years, we have seen new iMacs in JuneOctoberMayOctoberand June That suggests updates come roughly every two years, with various models being refreshed within each update year.

Given that the last update came in Marchan announcement later in or even in early seems most likely on the surface. We could get an update sooner, though, as China Times claimsApple is due to release a low-cost inch iMac in the second half of What about the price?

It is also possible that Apple will drop the price slightly to stimulate more interest. This came after 15 long years as partners with Intel, both in MacBook and in iMacs. Throwing them in a new iMac would be a great way to show off the true potential of these Mac-ready A-series processors.

Scaling them up to the needs of an iMac will be a challenging proof-test on just how good they are. Right now, iMacs can be configured up to the eight-core Intel Core i9 processor, which is a powerful desktop-grade chip. The current iMac design has been with us since or if you count the slightly fatter models.

imac redesign

As we said in our review of the latest model, you could look at the iMac and mistake it for a much older version.Despite rumors that the iMac would be announced during WWDCno new Macs were unveiled during the online conference keynote. But we did get some early glimpses of new Mac hardware to come, as Apple announced Apple Silicon, the long awaited move toward Apple-designed processors in Mac laptops and desktops.

The iconic all-in-one computer is due for an update, and several iMac-related leaks and rumors point toward a new take on the Apple all-in-one being unveiled later this year, and even going on sale before comes to a close.

After seeing the iMac show up on our best all-in-one computer list for several years running, we're thrilled at the possibility of a new model with an updated look. Even the relatively minor color change on the Apple iMac Pro was refreshing, and that was just a change from the silver of bare aluminum to a darker space gray. If Apple wants to shake things up, we'll need to see a new visual identity for the iMac.

Without a formal announcement at WWDC, it's up in the air as to whether we'll see a new iMac model available for purchase before the year is out. However, looking over the calendar of past Apple announcements, there are often events held in the fall that would provide a prime opportunity to announce a new iMac model. And, given the level of certainty around many of the rumors that said a new iMac would be shown at WWDC, it's very possible that Apple has an almost-ready product it's saving to launch on the day of such an announcement.

If Apple introduces a new iMac desktop this year, it's likely that we'll see the new models come available in fall or closer to the end of the year. The past two major Mac launches — the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro — were announced months before the actual retail availability, and both products launched in December.

We'll keep watching out for new rumors and news in the coming months, so you'll have a clear idea of what's coming up. The current iMac models are available in two sizes: a The most recent update to these models was in Marchwhen the iMac got a hardware update to newer Intel processors, faster memory and new GPU options.

These changes were announced after a two-year stretch without updates. If there is no redesign announced, we expect the current models to continue selling through the end of the year, with no change in price. New models, however, could significantly change both the screen size options and the price.

The latest rumor suggests that a inch model is coming in Apple rarely shies away from raising prices, especially when it can point to new technologies and design elements to justify a higher price tag. Rumors have swirled around the possibility of a new iMac design, and frankly, a change to the year-old exterior of the iMac would be welcome. Instead, the new iMac is rumored to use all Flash storage.

Less exotic-looking redesigns have also been rumored, with the iMac keeping the L-shaped stand and getting much slimmer bezels and less of a chin. And a recently uncovered Apple patent gives us a hint of where things might go in the near future. The patent design puts the display and keyboard into a single curved panel that rises up from the desk like an exaggerated ski-jump curve, with a wedge-shaped supporting base in the back that houses the guts of the computer.

The keyboard would be flanked by dual trackpads, and the top portion of the all-in-one would be nothing but the sleek, no-doubt-stellar display. The patent even includes a variant design that serves as a docking station for a MacBook laptop. Since the patent was found, designers have tried their hand at rendering the next-gen iMac. The first, the iMac as imagined by Jermaine Smitis a glossy black glass pane that looks like something out of a J.

Abrams Star Trek movie. The other, a rendering of the iMac by Yanko Designborrows several design cues from the recent Mac Pro desktop, adding the "Cheesegrater" ventilation grille to the rear stand, and giving the iMac concept a glossy black look that would be right at home in any Apple Store.

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