Miele steam oven fault codes list

Troubleshooting of Inverter Circuit U and Magnetron. This oven is programmed with a self diagnostics failure code system which will help for troubleshooting, H97, H98 and H99 are the provided failure magnetron and inverter circuit problem areas.

This section explains failure codes of H97, H98 and H H97, H98 and H99 appears in display window a short time after start key is pressed and there is no microwave oscillation. It is very dangerous to repair or adjust without sufficient test equipment because this circuit handles very high voltage and very large current. Off alignment or inverter board operation is dangerous. Operating a misaligned inverter circuit is dangerous due to the very high voltage and current that is produced by this board.

Defective boards must be replaced with a new one. H97, H98 and H99 appears in display window a short time alter start key is pressed and no microwave oscillation with AC Ampere meter used for troubleshooting.

F0 Humidity sensor program open or shorted at the start of cooking program. Compare the sensor "Quick Test" values to determine is there a problem. You can test this feature by holding in one of the keypads for over 60 seconds - F3 will display. F4 Open humidity sensor during cooking process. Sensor was open for a period of over 60 seconds during the cooking process. F5 Shorted humidity sensor during cooking process. Sensor was shorted for a period of over 5 seconds during the cooking process.

Testing the sensor with an ohm meter can damage the sensor. The only portion of the sensor that should be tested with a meter is the heater. F2 - shorted thermal sensorwill occur if a shorted thermal sensor is detected continuously over 5 seconds on convection, combination or roast cooking. F3 - shorted key panelwill occur if a shorted key panel is detected continuously over 60 seconds. F4 open humidity sensorwill occur if humidity sensor is detected as being open continuously over 5 seconds.

F5 - shorted humidity sensorwill occur if humidity sensor is detected as being shorted continuously over 5 seconds. Also the unit must be plugged into a volt outlet for at least 5 minutes before sensor is checked, this also applies after the humidity sensor has been changed. Before checking operation of new sensor allow init to be plugged in for at least 5 minutes.

F6 - shorted temperature probewill occur if temperature probe is detected as being open or not plugged into the receptacle. If probe is plugged in and "ProbE" is on display, check probe for continuity with ohm meter.

NOTE: The humidity sensor test results will appear on the display after 8-seconds. If the tests are successful, "OK " will be displayed. If one or more of the tests fail, "ERR " will be displayed. When a keypad is pressed, a number according to the test chart will be displayed. When no keypad is pressed, a blank "—" is displayed Check that nothing is blocking air intake openings on oven back or that oven exterior is very hot.Right after the descaling process, my Miele steam oven gives me a 'Fault 20' whenever I try to do steam cooking.

The regular convection cooking works fine. Expected more from Miele. I wish I had bought something else!

Miele dishwasher error code

It's out of warranty even though we probably used it about 20 times. Plessers handled it from begging to end. The reason for the Miele portion being cancelled is that Miele does not allow any free promotions to be associated with there product. I know this because I had a Miele d. They don't know what they are doing and nothing ever gets fixed.

You are not the only one who has given up out of frustration from this overhyped company. Unfortunately Miele is not one of them. Appliances and Electronics Miele Miele Oven See all Miele reviews.

Miele Oven Reviews and Complaints. What happened? What can we help you with? Write review Call customer care.

Rating Details Product or Service Quality. Cons No items. Pros No items. May 11, PissedConsumer of Perth, Australia.

Miele - Most new products failed within three years. Rating Details Customer service. Diversity of Products or Services. Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. Price Affordability. Product or Service Quality. Style and Design. Nearly all of our three year old, installed new AprilMiele appliances have failed, one several times. Their customer service used to be Comment Helpful 0 Not helpful 0. Anonymous PissedConsumer Apr 27 Totally agree with this.Quick Links.

Download this manual. Operating and installation instructions. To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential. Table of Contents. Miele steam oven operating and installation instructions 72 pages. Summary of Contents for Miele DGM Page 1 Operating and installation instructions Steam oven with microwave To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time.

Page 3 Contents Operation: Microwave function Page 4 Contents Suitable containers Page 5 Contents Cook bacon Page 6 Problem solving guide Page 7: Warning And Safety Instructions They contain important notes on installation, safety, use and maintenance. Miele cannot be held liable for damage caused by non-compliance with these instructions. Keep these instructions in a safe place and ensure that new users Page 8 This special lamp must only be used for the purpose it is intended for.

Review of Miele Combi Steam oven

It is not suitable for room lighting. Replacement lamps may only be fitted by a Miele authorised person or by Miele Service. Installation, maintenance and repairs must only be carried out by a Miele authorised technician. Page 11 Miele authorised service technician. Otherwise the guarantee is invalidated.This error code indicates a problem with the level switch, which keeps track of water pressure in the system.

It is absolutely imperative that water pressure be maintained at an appropriate level, especially during the main wash cycle. This type of failure usually results from low pressure due to poor water fill.

miele steam oven fault codes list

If you see this code on the display, please, make sure there is enough water in the dishwasher. Once it is filled, water should be, at most, half an inch below the handle. If the gap is wider, you will hear too much noise during operation. The hose is equipped with an electric valve. Turn off the valve, which connects the WPS hose to the water supply system and remove the hose. Check the inner end of the hose.

Remove the filter, water restrictor and rubber seal. If there is debris on any of these elements, clean and rinse them.

Miele H394B Technical Information

Use a needle-nose plier. Then put the WWPS hose back together. Open the water valve and test the machine. If the error is still there, the WPS hose needs to be replaced.

This error occurs due to suds accumulating in the cabinet. When it happens, the cycle stops. Clearing it:. This code appears when dishes loaded in the machine are too big, or there are too many of them, and they block the middle or bottom spray arm.

Place all dishes properly and make sure there is enough room for the spray arms. Check the water jets in the middle or lower spray arms: not unlikely, the jets are blocked. Unplug the dishwasher, remove the spray arms and wash them under running water. Put them back in their places and make sure they rotate freely. Restart the cycle and see if the error appears again. If it does, try another cycle and check the water temperature. This happens when the standby mode is on.

The mode is activated when no buttons are pressed for 5 minutes. Contents Show.It was a floor mdel and the sales manager told me it would be ready to ship to me by June when the new show room models arrived. This did not happen and he told me that the new show models were delayed and that I would need to wait until Sept this was now Aug.

After a few phone calls to the salesmanager he told me to contact Miele directly. I did and they released it the next day. I arranged shipping from Victoria to Campbell River.

miele steam oven fault codes list

When the oven plus a full sized convection oven arrived they were not in the shipping crates and were only haphazardly wrapped in bubble wrap I have pictures. He installed the ovens and had some electrical issues but finally got them to work. After he left the steam oven would not work.

We had him come back a few weeks later and again he said he repaired it but when he left it would not make steam. On Oct 9 I made multiple calls to Miele and they were at best confused regarding the situation with the oven.

Finally they came to the realization that the power cord for the oven was only good for volts and needed to be upgraded to a volt cord which had to be ordered from Germany and would be at the repair center by the end of Novemeber. Today Dec 9 having not heard any updates, I called Miele and was informed that the cord had arrived in Toronto but was the wrong one and had to be reordered. Does anybody have the email address for Jan Heck the president for Miele Canada.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miele Repair. Review is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer Right after the descaling process, my Miele steam oven gives me a 'Fault 20' whenever I try to do steam cooking.

It's out of warranty even though we probably used it about 20 times. I'm having the same issue with my Miele Combi Steam Oven. The steam function does not work and hasn't since we first turned it on. When we try the steam function the unit seems to start up for about 30 seconds and then we get a "Fault F10" error message and the unit stops functioning. Do you also get the "Fault F10" error message?

When I called Miele support they seemed to think it was a problem with an internal pump and have ordered a new part. I haven't verified that the power supply is volts but will check on that - although Miele support didn't mention anything about that and you think they would as they are the experts in this.

The thing that I don't like is that this is a brand new unit and the sales guy told us several times that Miele thoroughly tests their units before shipping. We received a defective unit and when I asked for a new working unit to be shipped I was told that this wasn't an option and that they would try and fix the one that was sent to me.

When I pay this much money for a so-called "premium" product I expect better service than this.The steam oven is a true all-round talent and ideal supplement to your oven and cooktop. Whether you are making individual side dishes or a complete meal — the steam oven can cope with all this and more. The appliances can be operated quickly and intuitively by tapping or swiping on the display.

Many functions can be chosen at the touch of a fingertip. The central display with white text and symbols on a black background ensures perfect visibility of information.

Where user prompts are required, information is presented in colour. Features depend on model. Images are only examples and used for explanation purposes. The simple user interface is a particularly characteristic feature. For best results, the combination of a powerful steam generator and eight steam inlets ensures quick steam generation, short heating-up times and quick, even steam distribution in the particularly large cooking compartments of the Miele steam ovens.

The ultimate taste sensation: meat, vegetables, fruit or fish that have been cooked in a vacuum. Convenient: The panel opens at the touch of a button to reveal the water container and the Roast probe.

For favorite dishes: Simply select operating mode, temperature and duration and save settings for repeated use. Ample space: Prepare complete meals simultaneously for up to 10 people; enough room for poultry or a whole fish.

No shortage of space: "There is space for complete menus for up to 10 people, as well as whole fish and poultry. For a limited time, save on a Miele appliance package. Contact us. Home page Steam Ovens.

Miele Appliance Repair

A talented all-rounder. Discover more. Buyers guide. Filter Reset all. Installation location. Built-in Niche dimensions height x width. PureLine 7. ContourLine 5. Brilliant White 4. Obsidian Black 4. Graphite grey 1.

A talented all-rounder

Control Panel. M Touch 8. M Touch the new M Touch display is simple to operate and self-explanatory.

miele steam oven fault codes list

SensorTronic 4. SensorTronic a 5-line TFT display with laterally positioned sensor controls present menu content clearly. Steam technology.

MultiSteam MultiSteam For best results, the combination of a powerful steam generator and eight steam inlets ensures quick steam generation, short heating-up times and quick, even steam distribution in the particularly large cooking compartments of the Miele steam ovens.Miele oven repair.

Our GoTech Appliance repair service center repairs major Miele appliances in Edmonton of the following brands. Repair of Miele steamer ovens in Edmonton. Miele convection oven with steam is one of the large — scale list of products manufactured by the company. Modern Miele technology is based on convection with steam. Modern Miele ovens are produced by highly qualified specialists, using modern equipment and bring maximum benefit to the hostess in the process of cooking culinary masterpieces.

It can break, this can lead to a power surge in the network or a power drop in the outlet. Repair of Miele microwave ovens. Frequent breakdowns of Miele ovens with microwave function. When enabled, it is disabled resets after a few seconds. Fault in the Miele inverter unit. On the display of the microwave oven shows an error. The manufacturer of this company stitched all the errors into the processor so that the master of the bistro could determine the defect and eliminate all the errors of the built-in Miele stoves.

The cause of the fault may be in the power supply unit. The oven is working and the microwave function is not working. A defect in the magnetron or a power transformer burned out.

The numbers flicker on the tableau Malfunction in the clock mechanism timeryou need to repair the control module. Touch controls do not respond to button presses, cooking modes. A defect in the sensor Board. When you turn on the microwave oven in the device sparks and produces strange sounds. A magnetron malfunction or the protective mica of the microwave is burned. When the Miele microwave oven is turned on, the dish does not rotate. Miele oven error codes. The oven does not turn on, the sensor does not react — the reason may be the power module, the power supply burned down, or there was a power surge in the apartment.

The temperature is not inserted — the problem in the thermostat needs to be replaced.

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